At Biometric Identification & Security Systems, we replace high cost, inefficient security solutions with convenient, secure, and cost saving Facial, Iris, and Voice recognition.  Our solutions include test monitoring and replacing usernames and passwords on PCs, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices.

We offer biometric authentication products for Educational Organizations, Enterprise Businesses, and Consumer use. We also support the needs of software Developers.

Log in screenEnterprise Use

  • Are your Help Desk costs associated with password resets spiraling out of control?
  • Has password administration taken on a life of its own?
  • Are the financial risks associated with employees losing or sharing passwords keeping you up at night?

Access Manager – Enterprise puts you back in control. Using just a standard camera, microphone, or iris camera each employee’s biometric becomes their password. With our Active Directory integration, say farewell to administrative costs and risks associated with potential data breach fines and penalties. Just one Help Desk call averted can pay for a workstation installation. So reduce employee frustration, improve productivity, and give your business a financial boost:

  • Reduce your Help Desk coverage costs.
  • Reign in the aggravation and inconvenience of time wasted with password entry, failure, re-entry, resetting, and recovery.
  • Increase security and reduce risk.

Still not convinced? Let us show you how much you can save via our Cost Savings Calculator. Just use the “Leave a Reply” form under the Support tab and we’ll get back to you and show you how much you have to gain. Instant-In for the Enterprise supports Active Directory integration.

Test Monitoring and Proctoring

  • Does your school or organization need to verify the identity of a person taking an online test?  Human proctoring is very expensive and error-prone in verifying the integrity of the test-taker.  Ask us about our solutions for your organization.

iStock_000019668860XSmallConsumer/Small Business Use

  • Do you leave your devices unsecured at home or at your small business office due to the hassle of logging on?
  • Do you store sensitive work information on a computer that you share with co-workers or family?
  • Are you tired of trying to remember a seemingly endless number of website passwords?
  • Do you simply wish you could easily secure access to your laptop?
  • BIOMIDS Instant-In Access Manager -Desktop lets you take control of your small business and home computer security with an easy-to-use, hassle free option to replace the usernames and passwords for yourself and two others on each device. Using just an onboard camera or webcam, your face becomes your password into the device and into many popular websites using Internet Explorer and Chrome.

  • Instant-In Access Manager -Desktop for small businesses and home supports Windows 7 and 8.


  • Looking for a way to replace your applications’ usernames and passwords with biometric technology?
  • Looking for a market differentiator?
  • Looking to make it easier for customers to secure their applications?

BIOMIDS Instant-In SDK gives you an embeddable and value adding tool for all your secured applications providing you with the biometric recognition backbone that you need. It’s a quick and straight forward installation. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. Instant-In SDK is available for desktop and mobile apps. Google+