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BIOMIDS attends ICS West event in Las Vegas

In today’s world so much of our business can be conducted over the phone, through email, and over the web.  Yet, it is still important to meet face to face with clients and vendor partners to have deeper conversations that begin to cement relationships.  BIOMIDS founder, Frank Mann, and CTO Vern Grabel did just that at the ICS WEST event this past week in Las Vegas.

The event seems to be primarily a conference for traditional vendors in the access control industry. For example, there were lots of video security companies in attendance.  Fortunately, we had plans to meet with several of our world class vendors and new partners in the biometrics industry.  Being able to meet with  C-level executives in order to discuss mutually beneficial strategies and tactics as we launch into new vertical markets is vital.

At BIOMIDS, our sense is the biometrics industry and Iris technologies in particular are at an interesting point in the adoption cycle.  It gives every indication of being a classic example of  technology and an industry  that is ready to “cross the chasm.”

1. We are seeing rapid changes and improvements in camera technology that also bring the cost of high quality Iris imaging cameras down to levels that warrant big volume purchases.

2, Initial market adoption across government sectors globally provides use cases and client testimonials. These client successes enable the technology and benefits to be sold across wider industry verticals.

3.  We do see a need for a more sophisticated sales, marketing, and system integration channel especially in the US since many vendors are effectively based outside the US.  The good news is that our perspective is recognized by most of the leading Biometrics and Iris technology vendors.

Attending ICS WEST was terrific for many reasons. Confirming that BIOMIDS is in the right place at the right time with the right biometric partners leads the list.


March, 30th, 2012