Introducing Biomids
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Concerned about the recent major data breaches and that hackers are compromising your security?

Are you terrified that your passwords could be stolen or lost?

Do you continually waste time struggling to remember passwords?

Are Help Desk phones ringing off the hook for password resets?

Biomids Trithenticator is an access manager that protects your computer and its content, securing access to PCs, data, logins to applications, Active Directory, and websites

Trithenticator provides an array of world class biometrics from which you choose, such as facial and/or voice recognition, to form a layered wall to shield your passwords.

Trithenticator is extremely secure, highly convenient, lightning fast, easily deployed, and inexpensive.

 Experience the pleasure of never having to remember passwords because you become your own password!
 Know you are completely secure because your apps and logins are protected by you!
 No need to suffer the inconvenience of using another device for an access code.
 Enjoy instantaneous login with no more “fat finger” frustration.

So try Trithenticator today and experience the convenience and security of never having to remember a password again.

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