About Biomids

Biomids, Inc., is a software solutions company that applies advanced biometric technologies to problems in the recognition, verification, and security of human identity.

Biomids, Inc., was founded in 2012 in Cotuit, Massachusetts, by Frank Mann.  Frank long appreciated that human biometrics provide the most valid form of human identification. With the increasing efficiency and decreasing cost of technology, Frank saw that this powerful form of identification could soon be applied in everyday life well beyond its previous uses in ultra-high security and very expensive installations.

Most recently, Frank and his team set out to apply this insight to education.  Specifically, they sought to address a growing problem related to the validity of remote, online, test-taking.  They realized that biometrics opened up the possibility for a new form of proctoring, and that facial recognition could be used to validate the identity of test-takers at the onset and throughout the exam process.  It could deter and detect cheating and assure that a substitute test taker was not interjected in the testing episode.

Ultimately, Frank and his team created Persistent Proctor, a “humanless” proctor solution, which addressed many challenges that existed in the market, such as:

  • The need for test-takers to travel to remote test centers and the associated loss of work time.
  • The high cost related to utilizing test centers.
  • The need for test-takers to preschedule exams and/or human proctors.
  • The restrictions related to conforming to proctor schedules.
  • The privacy issue related to having a human proctor constantly watching.

If you would like more information about Persistent Proctor or Biomids, or you would be interested in a demo, please click  HERE.