Announcing Biomids Persistent Proctor

We have changed the name of our proctoring system! The functionality remains the same, just a new name to reflect the fact that one of the major strengths of Persistent Proctor is its use of "continuous" (or persistent) biometric facial recognition to verify the identity of the student. Secondly, based on valuable customer feedback, we … [Read more...]


I was recently perusing online articles related to security and was surprised to see the number of warning posts regarding laptop theft in colleges. Upon investigating this further, I found that this wasn’t just an issue with colleges, but it was a fairly common security risk. Whereas the lines between work and home life have blurred in recent … [Read more...]

Biometrics: A Natural for Healthcare

Looking back upon my days as a former hospital CIO and HIPAA security officer, I recall the endless stream of projects needed just to tread water in a hospital IT environment. The workflow was endless, while our budget made duct tape and elastic bands seem extravagant. It was a time when the only way to survive was to wear roller-skates to get from … [Read more...]

Singing the Password Blues

In a recent article posted in, a physician compiles a list of items she would love to send to her technical staff.  It's no surprise that number one on the list is the elimination of passwords and IDs.  One can understand her frustration as she explains that in doing 8 cases one day, she will need to sign into a computer or … [Read more...]

Why Not Start With Who You Are?

Setting expectations in a human world, the belief here is that nothing is 100% accurate or cannot be broken. In a perfect world, all devices that carry or store data would have a sensor that could detect your DNA, match it to your enrolled DNA, and let you in. That is not possible today so the next best thing is biometrics. They are not foolproof … [Read more...]

Convinced Yet?

Everywhere we turn these days, researchers are telling us that the biometrics industry is ready to see explosive growth. Figures of astounding Compound Annual Growth Rates (CAGR) as high as 32% in the next 3 years and $20 billion in revenues over the next 5 years have been bandied about.  The once occasional mention of the biometrics market has … [Read more...]

BIOMIDS: Emerging from the Pack

According to a recent article by, the global biometrics market in the healthcare industry alone is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 31.95 percent between 2013 and 2018. … … [Read more...]

Never Use a Password Again!

Our mission is to eliminate the practice of user names and passwords with biometric (Facial, Iris, Voice) authentication products for the consumer, mobile and enterprise user. These products offer Security, Productivity and Convenience.  They are more secure than digital identifiers and faster and more accurate than keying.  They are so … [Read more...]

Selling the convenience of biometrics needs more work.

This tweet came into my stream this week "Lots of apps I wind up not using because they ask me for passwords I've forgotten. The moment passes, & I never wind up resetting."  Man, I thought I was the only one. Obviously not. As  application developers obviously we all believe that our apps will be used and loved by customers so much that they … [Read more...]

Adding humanity to the healthcare authentication process may prevent a revolt!

I thought this blog post was fascinating. The coming physician ehr revolt may seem overstated to many of us not in the healthcare industry. However, the more I talk to people across the industry the greater need I see for a renewed focus on  building usability and humanity into the daily processes required by the organizations and industry. Our … [Read more...]