Announcing Biomids Persistent Proctor

We have changed the name of our proctoring system!

The functionality remains the same, just a new name to reflect the fact that one of the major strengths of Persistent Proctor is its use of “continuous” (or persistent) biometric facial recognition to verify the identity of the student.

Secondly, based on valuable customer feedback, we have made two significant changes.

  • The video that normally plays at the start of every proctor session will now only appear at the start of the first proctor session the student initiates.
  • The display monitor window that appears in the lower right corner of the screen during a proctored session which is intended to assist the student in keeping his or her face in the camera view, can now be minimized. This can be extremely helpful when there is a significant amount of content being displayed from the course/test.

We appreciate the ongoing feedback and use of Persistent Proctor by all of our customers and hope that everyone finds these changes valuable.