Biomids Persistent Proctor

"A fully automated test proctoring solution..."

Biomids Biometric proctoring solutions address the need in online learning for test proctoring in certification programs, higher education, government mandated licensing, corporate training, and professional development, often facilitated through Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our solutions confirm the identity of participants (Authentication) and deter and detect cheating on remotely administered tests and assessments (Proctoring) through the use of advanced facial recognition biometric technologies.

Biomids Persistent Proctor – Is a fully automated, web-based Authentication and Proctoring system, available in LMS Integrated, Stand-Alone, and API versions. Persistent Proctor provides highly effective, convenient, secure, and affordable means of ensuring testing validity.

  • Authenticates participants at the beginning and throughout the test/assessment (Persistent Authentication).
  • Validates test results confirming that the participant has completed the assessment without unauthorized assistance through the use of video capture and website monitoring (Proctoring).

Biomids Persistent Proctor is one of the most effective, convenient and economical proctoring systems available in the market today.  Note the following features:

  • Low fixed cost – Allows frequent use for both Authentication and Proctoring; tiered pricing available.
  • Test-taker privacy – Eliminates the eerie human oversight feeling of “Big Brother watching”.
  • Assured authentication – Utilizes powerful advanced facial recognition technology.
  • High integrity – Persistent (Continuous) biometric authentication throughout the test/assessment.
  • Convenience – No need to schedule a human proctor – test taking anytime, anywhere.
  • Dashboard – Concise results uploaded to instructor or designated staff.
For the Test-Taker
  • Fully automated browser-based access.
  • Avoid time spent coordinating proctors, test-takers, and organizational schedules; no human proctors need to be scheduled. 
  • No need to pre-schedule dates and times.
  • No need to travel to a remote proctoring center.
  • No need to take time off from work for test day. 
  • The convenience of testing anywhere and anytime.
For the Test Administrator
  • Immediately access test results to review for potential cheating and fraud.
  • Ability to set thresholds of acceptable anomalies and automatically accept “clean” results.
  • After testing, the results are uploaded after which there is immediate access to test results.
  • There is only a need to review tests with problems and no need to interface with test-takers unless a problem exists (cheating is detected).
  • Knowledge that the correct person is testing.
For the Institution
  • We ensure exam integrity by deterring and detecting potential episodes of cheating.
  • We offer a consolidated dashboard of behavioral anomalies and video results.
  • We fully integrate and partner with Learning Management Systems to offer the security and convenience of human-less proctoring.
  • We also offer a stand-alone and API version.
  • With Persistent Proctor there is no need to maintain lists of approved proctors.
  • Persistent Proctor demonstrates good diligence in user identification for compliance with federal requirements and regional accrediting bodies’ concerns.
Comprehensive Security
  • We require biometrically-based facial recognition to enroll-in and to access Persistent Proctor.
  • We insure the correct person is testing with continuous (“persistent”) biometric facial recognition during test proctoring.
  • We capture a video of the test-taker throughout testing.
  • We perform a screen capture of everything that appears on the test-taker’s screen throughout testing.
  • We capture a photo ID during enrollment available for viewing on the dashboard.
  • We notify the administrator by email of any students who reenroll.
  • Demonstrate good diligence in user identification to comply with regulations, accreditation bodies, and/or company requirements.
Your Privacy is Our Concern
  • With our Proctor, test-takers avoid the distraction of having someone constantly watching them while testing.
  • Results are encrypted for test-takers’ protection.
  • Results are stored within the highly rated security of Rackspace and Amazon Web Services servers.
  • Personal information such as account numbers, birthdates, home addresses, etc., are not stored.
  • GDPR compliant.
The Benefits of Browser-Based Technology
  • Persistent Proctor is a web-based application that requires only a simple plug-in to run.
  • Data is only uploaded after the proctor session ends.
  • Since it is “humanless” it is available anytime or anywhere on any number of devices.
  • Student can use Chrome or Firefox.
  • Administrator dashboard is available via any browser.
  • Videos are constructed from images captured every few seconds making the upload volume much lighter.
The Absence of Human Proctors Allows us to Price Aggressively
  • We offer a low per-test price for certification and licensure testing.
  • No cost to proctor the same test until passed (does not include annual renewals).
  • We also offer semester-based pricing that includes all tests taken per student within a course for one attractive price.
  • Cost saver for test-takers who pay higher rates for test-centers.

(Ask us how Persistent Proctor can increase revenues!) 

Biomids Persistent Proctor is Available in Three Versions
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Integrated – allows test-taker, course, and exam information to flow into Persistent Proctor eliminating the need for dual date entry into two systems.
  • Stand-Alone – for those who do not have Learning Management Systems or who do not wish to have integration, we provide the means by which course and exam information can be entered directly into Persistent Proctor
  • API – allows for tight integration with user based systems.
Persistent Proctor also has an authentication-only component that is available with or without proctoring, which allow for scheduled and on-demand authentication of test-takers.