Biomids Biometric proctoring solutions address the need in online learning for test proctoring in certification programs, higher education, government mandated licensing, corporate training, and professional development, often facilitated through Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our solutions confirm the identity of participants (Authentication) and deter and detect cheating on remotely administered tests and assessments (Proctoring) through the use of advanced facial recognition biometric technologies.

Biomids Persistent ProctorTM – Is a fully automated, web-based Authentication and Proctoring system, available in LMS Integrated, Stand-Alone, and API versions.  Persistent Proctor provides highly effective, convenient, secure, and affordable means of ensuring testing validity.

  • Authenticates participants at the beginning and throughout the test/assessment (Persistent Authentication).
  • Validates test results confirming that the participant has completed the assessment without unauthorized assistance through the use of video capture and website monitoring (Proctoring).

The following video explains how the Biomids Persistent ProctorTM works in the case of test proctoring in online education.

Biomids Persistent ProctorTM is one of the most effective, convenient and economical proctoring systems available in the market today:

Low fixed cost – Allows frequent use for both Authentication and Proctoring; tiered pricing available.
Test-taker privacy – Eliminates the eerie human oversight feeling of “Big Brother watching”.
Assured authentication – Utilizes powerful advanced facial recognition technology.
High integrity – Persistent (Continuous) biometric authentication throughout the test/assessment.
Convenience – No need to schedule a human proctor – test taking anytime, anywhere.
Dashboard – Concise results uploaded to instructor or designated staff.

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