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Biomids Persistent ProctorTM API is perfect for any Learning Management System (LMS) company that is interested in integrating a biometrically-based, fully-automated proctoring application into their own education offering. Persistent Proctor API offers all the same benefits enjoyed in our integrated and stand-alone products.

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Coming Soon

Biomids TrithenticatorTM API will be available to developers as a means to add facial and voice recognition to existing and newly developed Windows applications. In this way, they are able to add secure, convenient access to their apps by replacing usernames and passwords with facial and/or voice recognition.  Key benefits include:

  • Replaces usernames and passwords with simple,convenient biometric access
  • Adds a market differentiator
  • Improves security by hiding passwords
  • Quick and straight forward installation

The following video explains how it works.

Biomids APIs

Biomids API solutions are available to software developers on generous terms.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities.  In order to be issued an API key, we ask that you would please complete the following form, review the Software License Agreement, and click the box “I Agree.”

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